More Questions about Murray’s Campaign Disclosure Docs

Please note that the previous blog post has been updated to include links to Pam Murray’s Campaign Financial Disclosure Statement.

Now, we don’t claim to be experts in the world of campaign finance rules and regs, but we’ve got to ask: Aren’t there some things missing from these forms?  Where is the expenditure for the commercials running on WVOL accusing her opponent of hanging out with drug dealers?  Even if the station comp’ed her the time, wouldn’t she have to report that as an in-kind donation?

In addition, while being interviewed on WVOL, Council Member Murray claimed that her campaign office was located at 625 Main Street, home to Pride Publishing, a bastion of literary excellence that puts out quality journalism such as described in a recent City Paper article:

 Underscoring the cultural and racial demarcation in the district was an Aug. 28 story about the political contest in Nashville Pride newspaper. “Carpet (bagger) bugs invade Metro District 5,” the headline read. “There has been an infestation of Carpet (bagger) bugs (CBB) in the 5th Council District,” the story began.

“This infestation was spotted by Councilor Pam Murray who mentioned that these bugs may be ‘coming from the rotting remains of opponents she defeated in the last two Council elections,’ ” it continued.

She later reported in her Campaign Financial Disclosure Statement that her campaign office is her home address.  Which is it?  If it is Pride Publishing, there should be some expense there, right?  If not, why did she say something different on the radio?


5 Responses to “More Questions about Murray’s Campaign Disclosure Docs”

  1. ScaredOfRetaliation Says:

    Another fun question – how many early voters claim residence at 625 Main Street or CM Murray’s address?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Where is the donation for the church bus she used to bus people to the polls?

  3. district5five Says:

    Good points, folks.

  4. mpeden Says:

    Where’s the expense for the printing she said she had done at Kinko’s – the printing she was alleged to have done at the Council office. That was in August – this report begins Oct 9.
    Is there another report?

  5. mpeden Says:

    I just called WVOL and asked if they had donated the air time to Pam’s campaign. I was told – in a very unfriendly manner – that if I want any information I will have to get a subpoena.
    If a radio station donates time to one campaign, aren’t they required to donate the same amount of time to the other candidate?

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